The Art of the Goodyear Welting Method

Since 1872, when Charles Goodyear invented a machine capable of stitching the welt to the insole, thus revolutionizing the quality of footwear worldwide, the goodyear welting process has been associated with excellence and superior workmanship. More than 60 craftsmen and craftswomen are involved in the process of manufacturing a pair of Goodyear shoes, and they use between 25 and 50 different elements and pieces. All this involves a process with more than 120 handcrafted phases, from beginning to end.

The goodyear welting construction method is one of the three basic methods of shoe construction. We have cementing, blake welting, and goodyear welting. They all have unique advantages, and the method used defines how the sole is attached to the upper. Goodyear welting is the oldest of the three, but also the most labor-intensive, and most durable method of construction.

We use the goodyear welting method for our line of dress shoes and boots, because of its longstanding heritage, little needed maintenance, waterproof durability, and clean aesthetic. This is also the reason why the goodyear method is highly valued in the high-end shoe market.

Due to this labor-intensive and artisan method, the production of your custom pair of Heighlon shoes may vary but normally takes up to eight weeks of production.

Interested in creating your unique pair of dress shoes or dress boots?

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