Epitome of style and elegance

About the brand

Heighlon® is a luxurious Belgian clothing, shoe, and accessories brand. The main goal is to create high-quality and durable products and establish a lean and environmentally friendly business structure, always striving for 100% customer happiness. It is the perfect mix of online and offline services. We have very low stock, because we only produce what we need.

The brand also represents the creative process of bringing ideas to life, using high-quality materials, and working with highly skilled people.

The little lion we use in our label traditionally symbolizes courage, nobility, royalty, strength, stateliness, and valor

About the founder

Heighlon® is founded by Christophe Hautier, a Belgian entrepreneur with a broad interest in design, innovation, and fashion.

A devotee of beautiful suits himself, he considered it the ideal challenge to create his own brand from scratch. After years of market research, Heighlon was finally a fact.

Together with a team of skilled masters, he helps individuals and businesses to create high-quality clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Let's get in touch

Working with us is a unique personal experience. We will gladly answer your questions and explain every aspect of the process.

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