Wim De Schutter

Founder Loft Epicurien, PureLocals, PureDeluxe

“For a number of years, I have been interested in the luxury sector, both professionally and privately.

What appeals to me is that people continually strive to deliver the best possible product or experience. To do so, brand owners go to extremes and seek the most incredible sophistication. Whenever I encounter clients in this business, I always try to look good.

That is why I appreciate the excellent quality and eye for detail and finish of Heighlon. Moreover, they use a tailor-made approach, which can be taken quite literally in this case. The fact that it is also a Belgian story is a real asset to me.”

Suit: 2-piece, green wool & mohair from Holland & Sherry, Super 100s.

Shirt: white, 100% cotton with thin Mother of Pearl buttons.

Shoes: Aristocrat, Goodyear welt, cognac painted calf leather, rounded toe.

“You only get one chance to make a good impression, especially in the luxury sector”

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