De Jonkman

A multi-star restaurant in a multi-star outfit.

Step into the world of De Jonkman, where culinary innovation meets timeless tradition. Chef Filip Claeys crafts dishes that are as original and authentic as they are delicious. In his eyes, the kitchen is a stage, and his love for cooking plays the melody of his life’s best song. Alongside him is Sandra Meirlevede, a former haute couture professional turned culinary visionary, who has seamlessly transitioned into the world of haute cuisine, bringing a refined aesthetic touch to every aspect of De Jonkman.

The sublime experience doesn’t stop at the plate. To complement the culinary excellence, the staff at De Jonkman is outfitted in attire by Heighlon. Known for their commitment to quality, sustainability, and craftsmanship, Heighlon brings a sense of luxury that goes beyond measure. The high-quality materials, exceptional design, and meticulous attention to detail in each piece of clothing reflect the same dedication to quality and authenticity that you find in De Jonkman’s exquisite cuisine. This partnership brings together two brands that share a vision for exceptional service and unforgettable experiences​​.

Experience De Jonkman, where every detail, from the plate to the personnel, is crafted with care and presented with a touch of class.

Suit: 3-piece, 100% wool from Drago, Super 130s. Exclusive peacock lining. 

Shirt: light blue, plain.

Client: De Jonkman
Creative direction:
Photography: James Arthur

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